Welcome to Maryborough

Education Centre

We are proud of what we do at Maryborough Education Centre. This is an outstanding modern and vibrant school catering for mainstream students from Preps to Year 12 with a small Specialist setting for students with disabilities.

At Maryborough Education Centre we have a:

  • Focus on high student achievement at all levels
  • High quality dedicated staff
  • Technology rich environment
  • Safe and caring environment
  • Relationships based on solid positive values
  • Strong community partnerships
  • Widest range of Later Years pathways
  • Performing Arts – singing, instrumental music, drama performances
  • Sports and physical education programs
  • Catering for individuals
  • Literacy and numeracy support programs
  • Enhanced teaching programs
  • Excellent sporting facilities
  • Commitment to excellence and to exceed expectations

Barney Healy - Principal